Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BlackBerry Touch

 it amazing..i got my blackberry touch as my birthday present..wow!! look at that slim body..ouch!! i like that..

the best of both worlds with the full 3.2 inch touch screen and BlackBerry keyboard on the Celcom BlackBerry Torch.

it also have a lot feature which no one will bored when use Blackberry. my friends cry to have this one..hahahha...

i can tweet, update my facebook, chatting with my friends..all in one..

yoy!!! hold on..if your wanna save your budget, try CELCOM BLACKBERRY PROMOTION..

i got celcom simcard on my Blackberry..i can surf internet every where each second without limited and bad coverage..try Celcom..you will never regret it..

BlackBerry Touch with touchscreen is my personel computer now..


i have a good news!! now celcom have promotion. 

Celcom is offering for the BlackBerry Torch and the CRAZY deals at the amazingly affordable prices at the Celcom Blackberry Torch launch event on 29 October!
Click here for further information.

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